About us

We all have our favorite snack that we simply can’t do without, be it gummy bears, chocolate, mixed nuts or even chewing gum. But the more we learn about clean, healthy eating, the more we realize how important it is to choose natural, organic snacks that aren’t just delicious, but are good for us.

That’s why we created Simply Natural.

Based in Austin, TX, Simply Natural creates all the scrumptious and imaginative snacks you know and love using organic, non-GMO ingredients.

That means you can enjoy late-night cravings and satisfy that sweet tooth with foods that are filling and nutritious but aren’t filled with the refined sugars and other impure ingredients that slow you down.

Deliciously Healthy

Here at Simply Natural, we believe that you deserve to enjoy delicious and healthy snacks FREE from refined sugars, preservatives and other processed ingredients.  We take pride in making sure all our products have been made using only the finest organic and clean ingredients.

Made in the USA

Simply Natural will always remain committed to supporting local economy's throughout the United States. So when we say “Made in the USA” on our packaging, you can be assured that ingredients, designs, and even jobs that went into making them were all sourced right here.

Supporting Local Artists

The labels on each Simply Natural creation features original, hand-drawn artwork created exclusively for our brand. This allows us to showcase the pure, natural beauty of the ingredients in each package, as well as support artists who see the world as we see it—a beautiful, wondrous place full of adventure.


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